We are dealers of Security equipments, spy and wireless gadgets.

We provide state of the act security surveillance for homes and offices, government and individual alike. We supply and install Security Systems and Auto Alarms. We are general agent and consultant. We are suppliers of Security gadgets, ranging from binocular lens to voice and video technology. We have Bullet cameras, IP cameras for efficient tracking and monitoring of homes, offices, factories and warehouses. We provide auto detection, movement and entry alerts. Wrist watches, pen or other sophisticated gadget that can record events as well as pocket or mobile DVR, name it more.

We respect the terms of completion of order. We are looking forward to joining the global market. We guarantee quality goods, this includes where it becomes necessary to supply and provide services outside Malaysia. Our products are directly from the manufacturers. Our goods are covered with a warranty provided upon defect or malfunction of any goods supplied, a notification is sent to Kennedy Amadi Holdings Sdn Bhd admin department for attention within seven (7) days.


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