Auto Alarm

We engage in the supply, maintenance and installation of:

Residential and commercial alarm systems for the protection of your houses, offices, ware-houses, etc. This system will ensure your windows, doors and all access are protected when armed and upon any intruder will produce an alert of various forms such as calling your phone, triggering your alarm and thereby raising awareness or drawing attention otherwise notifying you personally. In the event of CSM connections, police, fire service and ambulance could be auto alerted of any danger when the need arises.

This service includes:

Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)
Wired & Wireless Security Systems
Burglar Alarm System
Information Sourcing
Mobile Alarm
Personal Safety,SOS & etc

Electronic Security

Our security systems ranges from CCTV which comprises all form of cameras that serve as watch-dogs whether in the dark or in the day. HD, normal video, etc. Our Alarm Systems comprises magnetic sensors, vibration sensors, PIR for motion detection, alarm panels with strobe lights, this include indoor and outdoor siren as well as Door Access which controls entrances and signifies when any part or area of your armed access such as windows, doors, gates etc are tampered with or opened without permission.

We have intruder’s alert system that can send signal and trigger an alarm module when a violator steps on a premises such as field. We have motion sensors to detect when any living thing passes beyond limit or goes around a restricted zone. We have panic buttons and alarm panels that sends violent trigger alert and notifies and the public against un-authorized entries or access.

We have an alert module that can call the security operator, owner, police, and more immediately it goes off upon the encroachment of an intruder. We have a complete alarm system guard to protect all access doors, windows, gates, exits and entrances. We have a remote viewing capability for all office owner , security operators , hotel and supermarkets operators, etc to view the movement form one or multiple cameras wherever they are from any location through laptops, whether from home, overseas, etc. Our IR cameras installation has a night vision capability, for non consistent electricity users and we can install a solar panel to power just our system upon request.

We provide absolute state of the art electronic Systems that is efficient and reduces man power. These are services we believe will benefit government departments, civil populace, hotels, market places and all such places where security interest is of great importance. These include: An Internet protocol ( I.P ) Wireless cameras that can be used in offices, homes, car parks, factories, ware- houses, or any places that security is required. All that is required is a power outlet to power the system. It needs a WIFI (internet) connected camera to empower or enable its remote control and viewing. It can be controlled from anywhere, any place, and areas the cameras are installed. It transmits videos as well as voices from the locations of the camera. Controlling the camera is not limited within an area or distance. The camera can be controlled to turn to a desired direction to view the video of that direction. It can be controlled to rotate and send instruction from the controller to the persons seen around the camera.

We have night vision camera that are capable of picking up an image when electricity goes off as well as a water proof Camera that can sustain under the rain in the event of outdoor installation, suitable to monitor or provide safe coverage on sidewalks, parking lots, monitor traffic jams and traffic cruises, train stations. Casinos, hostels, offices, homes, Factories, warehouses, airports, etc. Note must be taken that casinos, sidewalks and parking lots, etc requires a vivid or clearer vision and that is where bullet network Cameras are powerful it is a high- end 2 megapixel bullets & network camera for a practical outdoor surveillance, featuring high resolution and high performances with 264/MPEG – 4/M JPEG Compression Technology. It offers smooth video and wide coverage with a combination of many outdoor specification features, it is the camera of choice for application such as parking lots, gas or petrol stations, As well as building entrances.

To adopt to light changes throughout the day, these cameras are designed or furnished with an auto iris lens; a removable IR cut flitters and 25 meter IR illuminators for superior image quality around the clock. Moreover, its rated housing protects it against rain and dust and ensures functional operation in all types of weather conditions for easy management bracket that conceals all cable within its support Card on board storage, which guarantee constant recording, even when the network is disconnected, The other advanced features such as temper detection, 802 3af compliant POE, and two way audio, it is an all in one network camera for outdoor environment.


These are high end security gadgets for Private Investigators, Police Intelligent, Customs, Military Intelligence, government officials, intelligent services personnel, security guards, immigration and business men alike. These are gadgets that can be carried about and around without being detected with you yet it is spying, videoing and recording events of interest. They range from:

Button Holes
Portable clocks
Eye- Glasses
Wrist Watches and lot more...

All of which are accompanied With a built in hard disks or memory to store recordings

Capable of hours of silent recording
It can take photo and record video
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